Finding the ideal office or retail location is a multifaceted endeavor. Determining whether or not the space you currently occupy is serving your near- or long-term needs requires big-picture thinking as well as a granular analysis of details.


At Douglas Elliman Commercial, we strive to understand your business and financial goals so we can narrow the field to just those properties that will position you to greatest advantage in order to achieve your objectives more easily.


Armed with decades of experience and knowledge of the most current market trends, we negotiate to arrive at lease agreements that serve you today and tomorrow.


  • Situational Analysis and Strategic Planning

  • Identification of Consolidation and Cost Reduction Opportunities

  • Relocation Advice and Guidance

  • Incentives Identification and Negotiation

  • Site Selection

  • Lease Negotiation and Renewal

  • Sublease and Disposition Strategies

  • Financial Analysis and Reporting

  • Lease Abstracting and Data Management Services