Retail properties include everything between a little grocery to a large regional mall. The driving factors are both global and local. Indeed, the market can be impacted by the consumer trends and confidence levels, the employment growth and the economy cycles, as well as the location and the traffic flow. Leases are also for long term periods but can take different forms. Triple net leases, also called NNN are usual in the retail industry. With this lease of 10-25 years duration, the tenant must pay all the fees related to the property: the maintenance and repairs fees, the insurance of the property and the real estate taxes, in addition to the basis rent. Many tenants are also required to pay a percentage of the sales above the level of sales predetermined by the landlord and the tenant, in addition to the base rent. Long-term leases are a security for investors looking for stable incomes but also a risk since they are not able to adapt the rent with the current market rate.


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